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I remember how this dream came about. Smile
My son actually talked to me last night about this 2012 subject after he read about Mistak posting in the Foreign Paranormal News section. Razz However I didn't expect that this subject went into my dream on the very night ! Disbelief

In the day, everyone in town have received info of a mega disaster which arrive very soon. However everyone including the old aged & children were given an opportunity to be sent to a safe site under protection ( I cannot recall what & where this safe site about Confused). The method of selection - lucky draw to see what colour of chips you got, and I remember those who got the blue ones will be sent to the safe site, the rest will stay put. Shifty

All I know was all my family members were lost, and I'm the only one left behind. Cry Initially I opt myself out from the draw, but the Authority claimed it's compulsory irregardless whether you like it or not. Neutral Amazingly when I took the draw, I got the blue chip. Eek I told the Authority I intend to stay back. But the Authority remarked that I will have to do another draw then to re-confirm my fate. Guess what ? I got blue again ! Shifty This time round, the guards came by, grab me and push me into a drak & deep tunnel and I woke up in the middle of the night ! Laughing

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